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BTSNAT 2.5 (06.11.11 - 06.12.11, 8 movies)
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06.11.11 Scavenger HuntMichael SchultzBTSNAT is our now bi-annual film festival where we watch a series of unknown until shown picks and then a final Brian Trenchard-Smith movie. It was started when some people didn't get into the famous BNAT film fest and also so that we could program movies that we felt were more up our group of friend's alley.

As part of our summer version of BTSNAT (version 2.5!) I kicked it off again, but this time with a comedy from director Michael Schultz. He's well known for comedies as he made Car Wash, Krush Groove, The Last Dragon, & Disorderlies. This plot-thin movie has a huge ensemble cast of 70s famous comedy people: Ruth Gordon, Cloris Leachman, James Coco, Richard Mulligan, Cleavon Little and then guest appearances by Meat Loaf and Arnold Schwartzeneggar.

A famous game maker, Milton Parker (Vincent Price!) dies and deicdes that his $200 million estate will be left to whomever can win a scavenger hunt. That's it! From there its a 2 hour series of insanity and discovery of people trying to learn to work together.

I had seen this movie when I was younger many times on cable and always had a blast with it. There's a lot of goofy moments that are still fun to watch and the cast is solid and clearly having a great time with it. Plus, the idea of the scavenger hunt is just fun for me and I even remember winning one for a friend's birthday back in the day.

Other than the 2 hour runtime I believe it went over fairly with the crowd and I feel a nice, light comedy was a good way to kick off the festival.
06.11.11 PaydayDaryl DukeSecond film of the fest was from Micah (@ReelDistraction) and no shocker for him, a 1970s drama [he's a huge fan]. It's a film about a country musician, brilliantly played by Rip Torn, who is traveling across the south and leaving a swath of negativity and problems behind him.

I love Rip Torn and he's one of the best character actors around now, so it's nice to go back and see him shine in a starring role.

I was quite fond of this flick and honestly, it was probably the best made thing we watched that night. It also went over well with the crowd and I'm glad we watched it second, because it's pretty heavy so later in the night it would of been tougher to give it the attention it deserves.
06.11.11 Science CrazedRon SwitzerThe third film of BTSNAT was a choice from Josh (@VHSIsTheTruth) who unfortunately couldn't attend but picked one of our favorite movies last time, Banned. This film is also almost equally hard to find and Josh was gracious enough to give us a video intro that, without it, this movie would of been much more of a chore to watch. That's not to say that in the end I didn't enjoy it, I absolutely did, but it requires a certain level of explanation before delving into this mess.

Science Crazed is a shot on video horror movie that is made up of maybe 30 minutes of actual footage that is then stretched out into feature length. Because of this there are multiple repeated scenes throughout the movie. For instance, the shot of the killer, a man sized baby born just hours before via the evils of science, walking down the hall is used so many times that if you tried to drinking game it you'd be dead of alcohol poisoning before the first act was over. Then you have scenes stretched out by having the actors paused, faces half hidden in darkness, like a demented film noir, for what feels like minutes at a time, just staring at the cameras, deers in headlights.

So yeah, a man baby with a torn, bloody tshirt, jeans, work boots & bandage covered face roaming hallways, women doing aerobics for 20 minutes, a swimming pool scene and a detective trying to stop him. This movie is a huge mess but also one that in it's endless cycle of repeat shots and long takes becomes nearly hypnotic.

I hear from Intervision that they're working on a release of this. If you thought Sledgehammer was something else, wait until you see Science Crazed. I want to see this with an audience who's brains will explode from the madness.
06.11.11 Naked VengeanceCirio H. SantiagoFilm 4 of BTSNAT was a pick from our gracious host Brian (@BTSJunkie). He's a huge fan of the rape/revenge genre and this is actually one of the classics in that area, though nobody had seen it. Made after I Spit on Your Grave and actually a better overall movie, IMHO, this film has the lead returning to her hometown. When she does, like a pack of testosterone crazy maniacs, every man hits on her within minutes of talking to her. After a group of them get drunk one late night they go to her house, repeatedly rape her and then kill her parents when they show up back home. It's an ugly thing and from there it's up to her to take revenge on the men who wronged her, even though everyone thinks she's catatonic at an asylum.

The revenge scenes are gruesome and bloody and I did cheer for her. This is a rough movie, but like I said, it's better than ISOYG, which I do also happen to like. A good choice for this type of film festival and a great pick to follow SCIENCE CRAZED since it picked up the pace.
06.11.11The Final SanctionDavid A. PriorFilm 5 of BTSNAT was a pick from Jay (@sleestakk) who came down again from Chicago for the festivities. This time he brought a VHS of the David A. Prior flick, The Final Sanction, which stars his brother Ted Prior and Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop). I've watched several Prior flicks lately and everytime I do I'm shocked I've not seen more of them. They've flown under the radar for far too long, making highly entertaining low-budget horror and action films.

This movie, while lacking in a cohesive plot, basically ends up pitting Ted Prior and Z'Dar on the battlefield to end a nuclear war between Russia and the US. Prior talks to his handler via his head, which kind of evoked Source Code to me. Wonder if it somehow influenced them? Doubt it.

Anyways, this is a blast of a movie. Lots of action, Z'Dar throws trench shovels as weapons and Prior is his usual charming, crazy self.

I was a big fan of this pick and since it was getting later in the night it was a perfect choice to have a big action flick to wake people up.
06.11.11The Search for Animal ChinStacy PeraltaFilm #6 of BTSNAT was a pick from Jenni! We had watched this a few days before to see if it'd fit and I was a little worried that all the skate scenes would end up being too boring for people, but it seemed it went over like gangbusters with quite a few people.

Chin is the first skate movie with a plot and while it's super thin, it's still a fun little watch with cornball dialog from from Bones Brigade: Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Steve Caballero.

I especially love the scene of them in the car rapping, the whole "I danked and ganked by body" conversation at Tony's ramp, and the scene in the club.

The nice thing about Chin is that if you're not a huge skate fan, you get to see history in the making as it really set the bar for skate videos and changed how they were made forever. Also seeing a young Tony Hawk is pretty cool.
06.12.11 Pledge NightPaul ZillerMovie 7 of BTSNAT was a pick from Damon (@zombiefreak). He actually wanted to show SLASH DANCE but we ran into some technical difficulties. Instead he chose PLEDGE NIGHT a movie about a bunch of frat guys torturing their pledges until a dead pledge comes back from the grave to wreck revenge on everyone for throwing him in an acid bath during Pledge Night. A young Joey Belladonna, from Anthrax plays the kid thrown into the bath, which also means this movie ends up having the most awesome soundtrack.

Lots of over the top gore and hilarious pledge moments including one where they have to "get rid of" a nasty shake and one guy suggests putting it up their asses, like that's a logical choice. Once the deaths get rolling the gore is pretty cool and it's a total 80s style horror movie. Until then it's a cruel college movie. Either way, it was a blast.
06.12.11 Pimpin' Pee WeeBrian Trenchard-SmithFinal movie of BTSNAT and always a Brian Trenchard-Smith movie. This time we were lucky enough to have a copy of this unreleased sequel to Porky's. Because of name issues it's officially known as Pimpin Pee Wee instead of "Porky's: The College Years".

What we have is a totally raunchy sex comedy where Pee Wee is trying to get laid and ends up watching his rich uncle's house. That's when his buddies, Meat and Tommy decide to start throwing parties and meet up with Porky's hot daughter and start a brothel to fix the trashed house. Lots and lots of breasts in this and then many giant dick jokes. It's actually quite fun and one of the better sex comedies I've seen the past few years, which is saying a lot since I've seen every National Lampoon film, most Asylum sex comedies and quite of a few of the American Pie ones.

I really wish this would get a release someday.

It was a perfect end to the night.

I'd say this was the best BTSNAT yet. The programming was all solid and flowed well and covered a lot of ground. It seemed everyone had a good time and then at the end of the night everyone was rewarded with an awesome tshirt that Jenni came up with the design of that mimics the BMX Bandits logo/shirts from BTS's iconic movie.

I cannot wait for the next one!