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Reel Grit Endurance Challenge Austin (02.26.11 - 02.27.11, 8 movies)
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02.26.11 Cop OutKevin SmithRGECA was an Austin take on a film fest started in LA. The Reel Grit Endurance Challenge is where film fans get together for a non-stop movie watching fest covering 12 hours plus a final "will breaker" film, to see if one can endure the worst movies around. I was very happy to be a part of this because I had seen the selections from 2010's RGEC in LA and didn't think they were that bad. Turns out, I was only 1/2 right. 2 of their picks, which we ended up watching weren't bad, but also 2 of them were the worst of the batch.

Cop Out was easily the better of the movies of the night. Hell, I actually even like Cop Out, so watching it is a joy for me more than any sort of torture.
02.26.11 Furry VengeanceRoger Kumble2nd movie of RGECA and also an LA pick. Is it a bad movie? Sure, on my levels it is, but also, it's a made for kids flick with smart animals that go against humans, goofy dance scenes with the animated animals and a nice pro-nature message. By and large, it's not the worst thing I've ever seen and I even had a few laughs. This was very easy to get through.
02.26.11 Riding the Bus With My SisterAnjelica HustonMovie #3 of the RGECA and a pick from the Austin crew.

A made for TV movie where Andie McDowell comes to terms with her adult, retarded sister after their father dies. The sister is played by Rosie O'Donnell who's idea of playing a retard is just being loud and talking goofy. Since I have a brother with Downs, the whole idea just seems so dumb and painful. They do a good point scripting a special needs person who is very in charge of her life and minus the one dark moment where she was forced to get a hysterectomy, it's not terribly awful. I just thought Rosie's actual portrayal of the character was a chore. It was more that she was just loud instead of being special needs.

Not the worse thing we saw that evening, but also more annoying than it should of been.
02.26.11 GlitterVondie Curtis-HallFilm #5 of the RGEAC.

Glitter is pretty wildly known as a bad movie and once this LA pick for our evening started I thought this would end up being much better than people had said. Hell, I was thinking I might even love it. Boy, was I wrong. I generally don't side with popular opinion but this movie is a goddamn chore.

Glitter has one thing going for it, a good soundtrack. Not necessarily the Mariah tunes, which are all well and fine, but the decent amounts of dance pop and early hip-hop in it. What it has going against it is just bad everything else. The biggest crime it has is just being boring. The plot plods along like a 3 legged horse with no sense of direction, for no reason and with no end in sight.

Easily the worst thing we saw that night. I don't mind if a movie is annoying, at least then you're invested in something in it. With Glitter you couldn't give two shits other than wanting it to end.
02.26.11 Duke of EarlVictory OutreachPick four of RGECA is also an Austin pick.

I thought this would be a huge chore but this shot on video look at San Diego Latino street gangs to try and get them to covert to Jesus was actually pretty entertaining. I'm not crazy about the heavy handed "come to God" message but hey, whatever get these dudes from killing each other. Makes sense since it's funded and created by the Victory Outreach Ministries.

What it did have going for it to counter its awful sound and shot on video look was actual well done framing, some decent acting and then the more than accurate portrayal of the characters. Growing up in El Paso around gang members at my schools and such I felt they all felt pretty accurate. Also the music choices made felt genuine, if not properly licensed, I'm sure.

Duke of Earl was kind of a gem but I'm sure it's not going to appeal to everyone. Myself, I thought it was pretty good.
02.26.11 Fred the MovieClay WeinerMovie #6 of RGECA and an Austin pick.

I have to say this is a perfect choice for RGEC. It's god awful and centers around an obnoxiously annoying character who had his start on Youtube. The only positive to this movie is that it stays true to the terrible premise on YouTube. Otherwise it's headache inducing.
02.27.11 Left Behind 2: Tribulation ForceBill CorcoranPick #7 of the RGEAC and also one from LA.

I had heard of these Kirk Cameron Christian agenda flicks about the rapture to I guess get people to accept Jesus? Anyways, it's awful. Not only does the movie suffer from mind numbing mediocrity and dullness but it's just poorly put together. The one redeeming thing this had going for it was 2 bearded old dudes who breathed fire.

The second worst thing we watched that evening and might of been the worst if it wasn't for the fire breathing guys.
02.27.11 Will BreakerUnknownI will not reveal the Will Breaker for RGECA but let me say, it wasn't the worst thing we watched. I thought it had some moments that I enjoyed.