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BTSNAT 2: The Spawning (12.11.10 - 12.12.10, 7 movies)
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12.11.10 DudesPenelope SpheerisSee Micah's recap of BTSNAT 1 here.

You can also find the list of tweets from BTSNAT here.

Our second annual BTSNAT is an alternate to those of us who don't do BNAT but also it's a selection of films that run along our tastes. Last year we saw Mindwarp (1992), The Keep (1983), Framed (1975), Parents (1989), Lucky Seven (1986), Impulse (1974), and Dangerfreaks (1989) and dozens of trailers.

This yeaar started off with an awesome clip I found from a not good movie called Gimme An F. If you've not seen the dance scene from it, do a Youtube search and you won't be sad.

My pick for BTSNAT was Dudes, a movie I had seen several times with friends when I was a teen and really into punk rock. Also, becuse Zack Carlson's book,Destroy All Movies, had just come out I wanted to do a punk rock film in celebration. The movie itself isn't available on DVD for some reason. It stars Daniel Roebuck, Flea and Jon Cryer and is about 3 punk rockers who decided to leave NY to start a new life in California. When they set off for a cross country drive they end up with a run-in with Lee Ving (lead singer of FEAR) and things go south. From there it turns into a revenge tale.

While Dudes doesn't really hold up to my expectations of it, I still really like it. It has a lot of heart and it's one of the few punk rocker films where the characters are the heroes and you sympathize with them. Also, it takes bizarre turn with the main characters hallucinating that they're cowboys and indians, causing them to gain confidence and finally get the revenge they need.

It seemed to go over pretty well with the crowd and also set a tone for later movies with either punk rockers, characters who won't take their sunglasses off, cowboys and/or gymnastics.

Below is a recap on all the tweets from BTSNAT 2: THE SPAWNING!

ReelDistraction: Going to bed just before 6am feels awesome. Honestly. Keeps me young. Hooray #btsnat!

BTSjunkie: Just shy of 6AM and it's time for some real sleep. #BTSNAT success!

ReelDistraction: One of the VHS tapes that I ended up with was Denise Austin's Pregnancy Workout. Score! #btsnat

ReelDistraction: This was a successful #btsnat

noahphex: So that concludes the 2010 #BTSnat! Many, many laughs were had and many movies have been eye consumed!

BTSjunkie: RT @ReelDistraction: BUTT! #btsnat

BTSjunkie: Now 6 grown men are watching a Playtex created VHS about periods. Go figure. #BTSNAT

ReelDistraction: Back to the Playtex video "There's only one place it can go so don't worry about getting it wrong." #btsnat


ReelDistraction: .@noahphex "It looks like there's doo doo on that butt." @btsjunkie "Did you say 'doo doo on that butt'?" #btsnat

ReelDistraction: HAPPY FACE KILLER was ridiculously wrongheaded. At least what I saw of that. Excellent end to the fest. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: BUTT! #btsnat

ReelDistraction: There's so much yelling in this flick, and I know even less, plot-wise, than LUCKY SEVEN 2. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: Awww, some boys have reached their limit. #BTSNAT

noahphex: @BTSjunkie someone else got sleepy too! #BTSnat

BTSjunkie: Awww, some boys have reached their limit. #BTSNAT

ReelDistraction: Thanks to a tv cutaway, Macho Man Randy Savage just appeared in HAPPY FACE MURDERS! #btsnat

sleestakk: Appears that the final film of #BTSNAT is Brian Trenchard-Smith's HAPPY FACE MURDERS (1999) feat. Marge Helgenburger & Ann-Margret?!

BriguySalisbury: Can't believe these pussies are ending #BTSnat after this, the 7th film: The Happy Face Murders. At least it's actually directed by BTS.

ReelDistraction: Here we go with the last film of #btsnat, Brian Trenchard-Smith's HAPPY FACE MURDERS (1999)

BTSjunkie: The 7th & final movie of #BTSNAT has started: BTS's HAPPY FACE MURDERS. #BTSHasAPosse #fb

ReelDistraction: Yup. This chick is talking about how awesome her first period is. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: I'm making #btsnat folks watch a bit of this:

noahphex: Movie 7 and final movie of #BTSNAT is Brian Trenchard-Smith's HAPPY FACE MURDERS (99) with Ann-Margret, Marge Helgenburger, & Henry Thomas

ReelDistraction: I drank a Four Loko during that last film & don't feel noticeably different. #overhyped #btsnat

ReelDistraction: Watching the STUNT ROCK trailer. Still the best thing ever. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: Watching a shitload of BTS trailers before the (potentially) last film of #btsnat

ReelDistraction: Well... That was LUCKY SEVEN 2. It's no LUCKY SEVEN. #btsnat

sleestakk: Would like to believe my viewing of LUCKY SEVEN 2 at #BTSNAT was enhanced from having not seen LUCKY SEVEN 1.

ReelDistraction: The humor of Fatso transcends language. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: LUCKY SEVEN 2 ends in the same warehouse that part 1 ended in. Hooray for that callback. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: LUCKY SEVEN 2's endless training sequences exist solely to piss me off. #ThisIsBullshit #btsnat

ReelDistraction: Here's the #btsnat Sleepy Couch:

ReelDistraction: Finally, after an hour, three seconds of kids-on-kids violence. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: I don't know when we started this film.. an hour ago? So far it is 90% training sequences... #btsnat

ReelDistraction: The military training sequences in LUCKY SEVEN 2 are AT LEAST as authentic as those in IN THE ARMY NOW. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: We're a good chunk of the way into LUCKY SEVEN 2, and the Seven are still in a training camp, doing nothing productive. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: The same set of twin girls has been killed twice now. LUCKY SEVEN 2 is awash with double crosses. I wish it was in English! #btsnat

ReelDistraction: As near as we can tell, "LUCKY SEVEN 2 is the INCEPTION of kidnapping." ~ @noahphex #btsnat

sleestakk: #BTSNAT: What he said --> RT @BriguySalisbury: I love Never Too Young to Die. That is all.

BriguySalisbury: 6th Film: Lucky Seven 2. German dub, no subtitles. Ich bein excited! #BTSnat

sleestakk: Yep! RT @BTSjunkie: Gene Simmons as a hermaphrodite in drag is fighting John Stamos on top of a dam. This is #BTSNAT for ya.

noahphex: Correction: LUCKY SEVEN 2 is Taiwanese! #BTSnat

BTSjunkie: We are on movie 6 at #BTSNAT. It's LUCKY SEVEN 2. In German. No subtitles. Yay! #fb

danielwcarlson: @ReelDistraction Have you seen Story of Ricky? Feels like it'd fit in at #btsnat.

ReelDistraction: But I've gotta say, Four Loko doesn't taste NEAR as bad as I'd heard. Almost tastes like a Sour. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: I suppose I should offer my advance apologies in case Four Loko turns out to be as potent as advertised. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: About to watch LUCKY SEVEN 2 (1989), an Asian kiddie Kung-Fu flick in German with no subs! #btsnat

zombiefreak: @noahphex wish I was prepared to watch LUCKY SEVEN 2 along w/ you guys. Oh well. Sad that I'm missing #BTSnat :(

noahphex: Movie 6 of #BTSnat is a sequel to last year's favorite: LUCKY SEVEN 2. A wacky Japanese kung-Fu kids movie. We watch it in German!

ReelDistraction: Indeed! RT @BTSjunkie: Gene Simmons as a hermaphrodite in drag is fighting John Stamos on top of a dam. This is #BTSNAT for ya.

noahphex: Gene Simmons is full force in NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE and Stamos and Vanity as an awkward couple made for great laughs. Loved it! #BTSnat

ReelDistraction: A room of #btsnat-ers are singing the NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE theme right now...

ReelDistraction: NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE is ridiculous in all the right ways. Stamos and Vanity make a great duo, and Simmons is Uh-Mazing. #btsnat

BTSjunkie: Gene Simmons as a hermaphrodite in drag is fighting John Stamos on top of a dam. This is #BTSNAT for ya.

sleestakk: RING OF STEEL feat. Joe Don Baker was @ReelDistraction's #BTSNAT pick and the kind of movie I could watch everyday. #goodbad

noahphex: Movie 5 of #BTSnat is from @sleestakk: NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (86) with Stamos, Vanity, Lazenby and Gene fucking Simmons!

BTSjunkie: Before I forget, here's the #BTSNAT 2: The Spawning logo on the side of every goodie bag.

BTSjunkie: Going strong into #BTSNAT movie 5: @sleestakk's pick, NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Stamos! Vanity! Simmons! Lazenby! #DestroyAllMovies #fb

BriguySalisbury: 5th Film: Never Too Young To Die. Had this in VHS collection forever, excited! And, we're back to the punk theme! #BTSnat #DestroyAllMovies

ReelDistraction: Very excited about @sleestakk 's #btsnat pick, NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (1986) #stamos

noahphex: If you only see one BLOODSPORT meets sword fighting movie with Carol Alt and Joe Don Baker see RING OF STEEL. #BTSnat

ReelDistraction: RING OF STEEL needed more of Joe Don Baker's cheerful villainous character. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: The #btsnat crowd has turned against RING OF STEEL. Perhaps I should have brought GRAMPS.

ReelDistraction: .@briguysalisbury : "Looks like they're doing Monday Night Football commentary." @noahphex "I don't get that joke." #btsnat

BriguySalisbury: @ReelDistraction Actually, I said that. Quit interchanging the Brians! @BTSjunkie #RingofSteel #BTSnat

ReelDistraction: "Rapier and dagger? I barely know her!" ~ @btsjunkie #ringofsteel #btsnat

ReelDistraction: In RING OF STEEL, Joe Don Baker runs an underground to-the-death fencing club. #glorious #btsnat

BTSjunkie: We're on to #BTSNAT movie 4: @ReelDistraction's pick, RING OF STEEL with Joe Don Baker! #fb

ReelDistraction: Time for my #btsnat pick, Joe Don Baker in RING OF STEEL (1994)!

noahphex: #BTSnat selection 4 is from @ReelDistraction. A 1994 flick starring Joe Don Baker and Carol Alt called RING OF STEEL

BTSjunkie: RT @sleestakk: WAR DOG was @BTSjunkie's #BTSNAT pick and it blew up the joint. Insane Swedish action revenge slasher flick!

sleestakk: WAR DOG was @BTSjunkie's #BTSNAT pick and it blew up the joint. Insane Swedish action revenge slasher flick!

noahphex: WAR DOG has more explosions per second (eps) than your average Michael Bay flick #BTSnat

BTSjunkie: Holy mother of God. WAR DOG just happened and rocked the face of #BTSNAT to the effing core! #fb

ReelDistraction: Featuring an impressive array of squibs, explosions, and murdered/traumatized children, WAR DOG was a hit. #btsnat

ReelDistraction: The bad guy in WAR DOG has an awesome @ldmullen beard. #btsnat

BTSjunkie: RT @ReelDistraction: "Hi, I'm Charles, the guy who called you." {handshake} "I'm Dean, the guy you called to." #wardogs #btsnat

ReelDistraction: "Hi, I'm Charles, the guy who called you." {handshake} "I'm Dean, the guy you called to." #wardogs #btsnat

BriguySalisbury: 3rd Film: War Dog #BTSnat

noahphex: Feature 3 of BTSNAT

ReelDistraction: Watching @btsjunkie 's pick, a "hyperviolent Swedish flick" called WAR DOG (1986)! #btsnat

BTSjunkie: Now it's time for my #BTSNAT pick: WAR DOG! #fb

noahphex: Third feature of #BTSNAT is @ BTSjunkie's selection: WARDOG a 1986 Swedish action film

BTSjunkie: BANNED is unexplainable and awesome. A movie that shouldn't exist and pretty much doesn't. Love it. #BTSNAT #fb

sleestakk: #BTSNAT feature #1 (watching Dudes via @gomiso)

sleestakk: BANNED (1989) might possibly be the funniest thing I will see today. Incredible #2 #BTSNAT pick by @VHSisthetruth!

ReelDistraction: The #btsnat swag bags are glorious.

ReelDistraction: BANNED is super-raw and funny as hell, like a low-budget Rudy Ray Moore flick. Thanks to @vhsisthetruth for bringing. #btsnat

noahphex: BANNED needs wide release so everyone can see how epic it truly is. Well, epic and crazy. The father scene is worth the price alone! #BTSnat

ReelDistraction: The dad from BANNED is the single greatest character we'll see all night. #btsnat

BriguySalisbury: 2nd Film: Banned (1989). Apparently this is now DestroyAllMoviesNat. #BTSnat

ReelDistraction: Time for Roberta Findlay's BANNED (1989). #btsnat

BTSjunkie: Movie 2 at #BTSNAT 2 is @VHSisthetruth's pick: Roberta Findlay's BANNED (1989). This one is super rare!! #DestroyAllMovies #fb

ReelDistraction: Up next is @vhsisthetruth 's ultra-rare selection, BANNED (1989). Punks march on! #btsnat But first, trailers!

noahphex: Very excited for the next pick from @VHSisthetruth, a movie very few have seen: BANNED! #BTSnat

sleestakk: For a punk / cowboys movie, DUDES has a helluva metal track! W.A.S.P.'s Show No Mercy?! Yes! Thx @noahphex for #BTSNAT pick #1!!

BTSjunkie: Holy F. DUDES is the best punk western I've ever seen. Loved it! Great pick by @noahphex! #BTSNAT #fb

ReelDistraction: #btsnat starts off strong with punk-outta-water/modern-day-western DUDES (1987).

ReelDistraction: "Biscuit thinks he's an Indian!" #btsnat #dudes

ReelDistraction: The first pick of #btsnat is @noahphex 's, a punk-rock film of DUDES (1987)

BriguySalisbury: First Film (in honor of Destroy All Movies): Dudes (1987). @zackalamo #BTSnat

BTSjunkie: #BTSNAT 2: The Spawning movie 1 is... @noahphex's pick, DUDES! #DestroyAllMovies

ReelDistraction: BTSNAT has started with @noahphex showing us a clip from GIMME AN F. And this is my #20000thTweet!

ReelDistraction: My next tweet will be my 20,000th. I'll save it for the BTSNAT kickoff announcement.

ReelDistraction: So @BriguySalisbury is pointing out factual inaccuracies in the ESCAPE 2000 poster. BTSNAT is about to start!

BTSjunkie: Look! #BTSNAT beer and danger!

ReelDistraction: Proud to have contributed those Four Lokos RT @noahphex Beer at BTSNAT @ BTS Manor

BTSjunkie: Look! #BTSNAT goodie bags are shaping up!
12.11.10 BannedRoberta FindlaySecond film of BTSNAT 2 is a movie very few people have seen since it's not available anywhere. We were lucky enough to get a copy for viewing and for me, it was one of the top highlights of the night.

A soft jazz band has it's lead singer possessed by a dead, homocidal punk who had many years earlier killed his bandmates, girlfriend, and a pizza guy before drowning himself in a toilet.

While Banned cannot ever make a claim to being a good movie, it's a blast to watch. The performances were lots of fun and with a story as crazy as this, how can you go wrong?
12.11.10 War DogBjörn CarlströmA symphony of violence and trauma against children from Sweden. AkA right up my alley. Featuring the most incompetent hero ever to walk the planet, it's a miracle hes able to rescue his thought dead brother who can proceed to kick the living shit out of everyone. More grenades, more explosions and more over the top squibs than anyone would ever need in one movie. Lots of fun!
12.11.10 Ring of SteelDavid FrostApparently the writer/star of this movie thought to himself "you know, I'm pretty good at fencing and I love Bloodsport....that'd make an awesome movie!" And you's not awesome but it was fun in one of thoe late night, lots of drinking sorts of ways. Reflecting back on Ring of Steel I enjoyed it more than I figured. Love the scenes that are reminiscient of the humor parts of the Princess Bride sword battles, the aburdity of the whole movie and of course Joe Don Baker as the evil mastermind behind the underground fencing world.
12.11.10 Never Too Young To DieGil BettmanEasily my second favorite movie of BTSNAT. It has it all! Stamos is the son of Lazenby who is a top spy who gets killed by a transexual Gene Simmons who is threatening to poison the water systems if he doesn't get money. So Stamos teams up with Vanity to go after him. It's a type of insanity only an 80s film could deliver, and it does it well.
12.12.10 Magnificent Seven Kung-Fu KidsChen-kuo ChaoLast year at BTSNAT we got enamored with watching the Lucky Seven trailer and ended up watching the entire movie. Thing is, we only had a copy that was in German. Still, it was hilarious and had tons of great action scenes and due to the nature of it being a wacky comedy we were able to follow or make up our own plot lines.

This year we decided to watch the sequel, which is now known as Magnificent Seven Kung-Fu Kids. Unfortunately the movie isn't nearly as good. We did watch it in German so a lot of the plot was lost on us, but a majority of the movie seemed to take place with the seven kids at some silly military training camp where the kids would mercilessly beat the fat kid up from time to time.

A sad disappointment compared to the original but the final kung-fu scenes were a lot of fun.
12.12.10 Happy Face MurdersBrian Trenchard-SmithFinal movie of the night was a Brian Trenchard-Smith flick which starred CSI's Marg Helgenberger, who looked hot as usual. Basically it's supposed to be based on some true serial killer story but played out like an extra long episode of CSI guest starring Henry Thomas. The first half was a little on the weak side, setting up a killer who doesn't pay off, much like many CSI episodes but the second half was decent fun.

At this point most everyone had dozed off except myself and Jay/Sleestakk. Lack of big action and/or thrills made it a rough movie to end the night on, but I ended up liking it, but not loving it.

All in all a wonderful BTSNAT and I had a terrific time and cannot wait to do it again!

Oh yeah, as a final watch we actually finished watching this Playtex VHS tape that had a young girl talking to experts about a girl's first period and we all got a lesson on how to use a tampon. A completely mental way to end the night to say the least.