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Date Movie
05.06.12The Dallas Connection
05.05.12 Enemy Gold
05.05.12 Fit to Kill
05.05.12 Hard Hunted
05.05.12 Do or Die
05.05.12 Guns
05.05.12 Picasso Trigger
05.05.12 Savage Beach
05.04.12 Malbu Express
05.04.12 Hard Ticket To Hawaii
Views Movie
4 Red Herring
4 Step Up 3D
3 X-Men: First Class
3 New Kids Turbo
3 Bellflower
3The Tournament
2 Fat Kid Rules the World
2The Raid: Redemption
2The Cabin in the Woods
2 Dr. Caligari
Movies Views Director
810Brian Trenchard-Smith
88Andy Sidaris
77Steven Spielberg
77Russ Meyer
77John Carpenter
77Lucio Fulci
66Wes Craven
66Don Coscarelli
45Justin Lin
45Sam Raimi

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